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Agencies: Outsource Your Writing

The stress-free way to deliver stellar content for your clients

Outsource Your Copywriting Today to LIME

Your clients rely on you to deliver exceptional results, on time, every time. But you’re overloaded with work, stretched across multiple projects, and the clock is ticking. 

What would lighten the load?

Someone to handle all the copywriting for you. Like Lime Copywriting.

PR firms, performance marketing agencies, SEO agencies—they all rely on the talented copywriters at Lime Copywriting to produce results-oriented and deadline-driven copy that caters to a diverse range of clients.

We ease the pressure so you can breathe easily. Focus on the other plates you’re currently spinning and let us deal with this one.

Contact us today to see how our expert copywriters can help meet your needs and those of your clients.

Maybe you’re a creative agency creating an online magazine for a luxury brand. Perhaps you’re a marketing agency working on a website refresh for a tech company. Or you’re a digital marketing agency creating consistent blog posts to build an online presence and boost SEO.

Whoever you are, the goal is always the same. Meet the demands of your client. Exceed their expectations.

Our approach is simple, yet highly effective.

  1. First, we get to work conducting in-depth and rigorous research into the topic to ensure we’re up to speed with the details.
  2. Next, we start writing, putting words on the page, refining, honing, and perfecting until it’s just right.
  3. After that, we optimize for SEO, to give search engines exactly what they’re looking for.
  4. And all along, we’ll make sure to convey your client’s message in the most compelling way possible.

You want the best for your client—and we want it too. Whatever your goals, we share them. Whether it’s more traffic, more conversions, more sales, positioning your client as a thought leader and authority in their field, or expressing their brand personality in a way that makes their identity appealing and relatable—we’ve got it covered.

Give us a shout today to find out what we can offer.

How Exactly Does Agency Copywriting Work?

What We Can Do for You

How-to guides, interviews, news articles, company stories—our copywriters can create a range of blog posts on different topics to boost engagement, drive traffic, and build brand awareness. Help your client grow trust with their customers and communicate their message.

Whether it’s attention-grabbing calls to action, persuasive testimonials, or landing pages that say all the right things, we create SEO-optimised website content that speaks directly to your client’s audience, piquing their interest, keeping them engaged, and driving conversions.

Sales or sign-ups, growing brand awareness sales and boosting engagement—whatever your goals, we can help move you in the right direction with carefully crafted emails that get opened and keep readers interested.

Writing a description of a product or service is more than just listing its features. Let our expert copywriters create content with a laser focus on the target buyer, reducing friction on the journey toward conversion.

Why Outsource Your Copywriting?

Outsourcing the job of creating copy to a trained and experienced copywriter has many advantages.


We pride ourselves on matching the right writer to the right job. What’s more, all our writers are skilled enough to write competently for several industries and niches. This means that whatever copywriting service you need, we’ve got your back.

See the full list of sectors we work for here.

Plus, we’re flexible. You can order a high volume of regular content on a monthly basis. We can tailor agreements for a long-term working relationship. Or you can commission a one-off order every now and then. There’s no contract and no ongoing commitment.

Save Time

Time is your most valuable resource. The effort of finding, hiring, and training a copywriter is wasted energy that would be better spent on other aspects of your campaign. And if you take on the copywriting yourself, that’s more time wasted that could be spent growing your business.

And what happens when your go-to freelancer is suddenly unavailable? Overnight, your workload could double.

So instead hand the job over to a qualified professional copywriting agency that is deadline-driven and diligent in ensuring all requirements are met. Now your diary looks a lot more manageable.


You can’t get away with failing to optimize copy for search engines. Including the right keywords is crucial if you’re going to drum up organic traffic and target new customers.

We know how to identify the necessary long and short-tail keywords that your client can feasibly rank for. And we’re experienced in crafting copy that strategically includes these keywords without sounding robotic. We’ll even create specially designed text that stands a chance of being a Google snippet.

Get a New Perspective

Bringing in a third party to take a look at your project is a smart move. They can offer a fresh pair of eyes and might spot something you hadn’t considered. Our copywriters will contribute and collaborate where appropriate, offering meaningful suggestions that might be the missing piece of the puzzle.

Improved Quality

Finding an effective writer who not only creates compelling and SEO-optimised copy but also knows how to tick all boxes of a brief is easier said than done.

But when working with us, the process becomes worry-free. You get a guarantee that your client will receive content or copy that boosts brand exposure, improves customer retention, communicates their message, and rockets conversions.


Hiring a copywriting company to write for your agency is a cost-effective solution for meeting the content needs of your client. Compared to the lengthy process of recruiting an in-house copywriter or finding a good freelancer who might not cut the mustard, it’s hands-down the cheapest option.

Friendly and Personable

Top-notch copywriting is all about empathy. Putting yourself in the reader’s shoes and tailoring your message to them. This is at the heart of our business ethos too. We prioritize communication and customer support and have a reputation for our reliability and responsiveness.

Sound like what you’re looking for? Send us a message now.

Agency Copywriting FAQs

We offer a flexible and scalable approach and can work to your requirements. Our skilled writers manage complex workloads and are multi-talented, able to create copy on a variety of topics.

Ultimately, it’s up to you. We offer a versatile approach and can act as agency representatives or external contractors depending on what works. That said, our agency clients generally prefer we create white-label content through them, as opposed to us having direct contact with the end client.

Give us a call to discuss the details.

Check out our rates page to see how much we charge for various content types. Prices can be negotiated with clients looking to enter into long-term agreements or who request significant amounts of content.

We can create copy and content on a variety of topics. Blog posts, case studies, website copy, emails, and social media—we offer it all. We’re also experienced in creating content for both print and digital.

Send us a message to get the process started.