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Construction Copywriting

Content That Hits the Nail on the Head

Rigorously Researched Copywriting for the Construction Industry

A labour shortage, supply chain issues, rising prices of materials, and a cost-of-living crisis mean the construction industry is having a tough time. Attracting new clients is more challenging than ever. And when we’re all tightening our purse strings, investing in construction copywriting might seem a low priority.

However, now is precisely the time that you need to instil confidence and trust. You need to communicate your message. How can you help customers? Why should they choose you?

At Lime Copywriting, we help brands and companies build a sense of credibility and convey their purpose in a way that effectively generates leads and boosts business.

Communication is key in a crowded space where you’re competing against big companies with big budgets. Yet the construction industry is lagging behind the rest when it comes to digital technology. Word-of-mouth advertising is no longer enough. Seize this opportunity to stand out with an online presence that compels, engages, and attracts.

Whether you’re an upscale development consultancy or an electrical contractor with a team of one, at Lime Copywriting, our skilled construction copywriters are waiting to create expert content that will gain you visibility and inspire action in customers.

Find out how by getting in touch here.

Maybe you’re a loft conversion company looking to showcase your latest project. Or a maintenance company undergoing a rebrand. Or a kitchen-fitting business wanting to get your social media to perform better.

Whatever your goals and needs, our construction copywriters will conduct meticulous research into your niche before creating clear and compelling copy that emphasises your value and encourages new business.

We’ll drive traffic to your website with keyword-optimised content and local SEO best practices. We’ll create in-depth and insightful posts for your blog that establish your expertise in the industry. And we’ll communicate highly technical subjects in jargon-free and relatable language via perfectly crafted brochures.

The construction industry is feeling the pressure. Optimise your chance of attracting the right kind of attention with Lime Copywriting’s experienced copywriters for the construction industry. Get in contact today.

Cleverly Constructed Content

Types of Brochure Copywriting

Press Releases

Whether you’ve recently completed an exciting project or are about to launch a new product, our copywriting services for construction companies can help you create an artfully worded press release that will get attention and generate interest around your company.

We’ll choose a newsworthy headline, summarise your story in concise and catchy language, and establish your company’s experience in your niche. You can reuse the content on your website, social media posts, and your newsletter.

Website Copy

Your website is the first port of call for customers trying to choose a construction firm. It’s like the digital equivalent of a shop window or business card. And the best construction websites balance form and function. They are simple to navigate, aesthetically pleasing, and clearly communicate your message. Our construction copywriters will help you to use your website to convey your experience, showcase your best projects, and emphasise your skills.

Brochure Writing

Even in the digital age, brochures remain a powerful marketing tool. After you’ve completed a project, why not leave a brochure behind so customers remember you and can recommend you to friends and family? Or you could send it digitally as a PDF.

Either way, our construction copywriters are skilled at creating engaging, inspiring, and informative brochures that clarify why you are the best in the business.

Social Media

Most construction companies invest little time in social media. Many are B2B and can’t see the value of trying to impress customers via Facebook or Instagram.

But even the smallest construction firms can benefit from using social media to generate leads. Lime Copywriting’s construction copywriters can produce on-point social posts that improve your visibility in your niche by sharing interesting and helpful content and opening a new communication channel with customers.

FAQs About Construction Copywriting

Copywriters use words to sell, and construction copywriters use words to sell construction-related products and services. By creating exciting and helpful content for your website, social media, email, brochures, and other marketing output, construction copywriters generate leads and conversions and persuade customers to invest in your company.
It’s certainly possible to take on the task of creating copy for your construction company yourself. However, if you’re already busy with the day-to-day running of your business and on-site activity, rather than spend valuable time and energy creating content that may not meet the level required, why not hand over responsibility to our skilled and experienced construction copywriters?

You must include specific keywords on your website and in other marketing copy to rank in search engine results. The particular words you choose to target will depend on your prospective customers and the search terms they are using. We conduct keyword research to find out which words your competitors are targeting and those that you are best placed to rank for. Local SEO is particularly important for construction companies looking for clients in their nearby area.

We will establish a quote once we have evaluated the project and determined exactly what you need. All our pricing is determined on an individual basis following a consultation, and our quote can be modified later if you decide you need further work.