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Education Copywriting

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First-Class Education Copywriting

From virtual reality learning tools to the boom in online academies, the education sector is evolving rapidly. To stand out in this noisy and competitive environment, you must ensure you’re saying all the right things. This is where an education copywriter can help.

At Lime Copywriting, we know how to communicate, convince, and convert visitors into customers. We understand that getting people interested isn’t simply about relaying the facts.

Emotive language and an inspiring and engaging tone of voice are crucial to hooking readers and encouraging interaction and action, whether that’s downloading a resource, signing up to a mailing list, or submitting an enquiry.

For A-grade education copywriting that keeps people reading, get in touch today.

Whether you’re an online learning service, an EdTech company or a secondary school looking to revamp its website or prospectus, Lime Copywriting’s talented education copywriters will help you pass with flying colours.

The best education copywriting is empathetic. It understands what readers are looking for. What problems do they need fixing? What desires do they have?

Education copywriting for a top university, for example, is all about attracting the brightest minds with motivating and curiosity-provoking content that gets them inspired.

On the other hand, education copywriting for a SaaS company selling remote learning technology is about translating complex tech terms into concise and engaging copy with a practical, down-to-earth, and conversational tone.

Students, parents, educators, policymakers—whoever your target audience happens to be, we can help you to distinguish yourself from competitors and communicate what makes you unique. Our education copywriting will convey your ideals while keeping its feet firmly on the ground. We’ll cut the fluff and highlight your USPs with intelligent and professional content that keeps it entertaining.

Keyword-optimised and action-orientated education copywriting can be as easy as ABC. Contact Lime Copywriting today to see how.

Original and On-Brand Content for the Education Sector

Different Types of Education Copywriting

Website Content

Whether it’s online course descriptions or a run-down of features for a high-tech teaching solution, the best education copywriting is all about the user. This can be challenging if you have many different people visiting your site. How can you make sure your copy speaks directly to each of them?

Our skilled education copywriters can create content that aligns with the values of a wide-ranging audience, from students and educators to businesspeople or parents, with an inclusive tone that makes everyone feel seen, all while keeping it succinct, snappy, and accessible.

Prospectus or Brochure Copy

A high-impact prospectus has one fundamental goal: to attract talent. This requires a solid understanding of who exactly your prospective students are. We will begin by researching your target audience before getting to work creating content that is accurate and full of relevant details but also inspiring and empowering. We’ll also work with you to establish the right tone of voice, whether that’s chatty and relaxed or bold and confident.

Email Marketing

Writing email campaigns in-house can take a lot of extra effort and energy, which time-pressed education companies don’t have. We have years of experience crafting lead-nurturing and conversion-boosting emails for sharing news, promoting events, and delivering important information to your audience in easy-to-grasp and absorbing language.

Blog Articles

Content marketers all agree that blogging is one of the best ways to get the word out. And, these days, the highest performing articles are long-form content that provides solid value to readers. Keep your readers informed about your company and what you’re up to with regular blog posts. Articles could include anything from behind-the-scenes insights into life at your institution to how-to guides for using software.

FAQs About Education Copywriting

While many people in the education sector are talented communicators and skilled wordsmiths, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good copywriters. Creating content and copy for education platforms isn’t just about getting information across. You need people to take action. It’s about engaging, inspiring, and persuading. This is what our team does best and why we recommend you invest in education copywriting from experts.
You can order as much content as you want and need. You might begin with a smaller order to see how we work together and add to this as we go along. Many clients start by ordering new copy for their website and then continue to commission articles for their blog on an ongoing basis.
We can produce content for a wide range of clients within the education sector, whether it’s publishers of teaching materials or innovative new EdTech companies. We start every project by taking the time to research your niche to ensure we understand your goals and values before working with you to create content that matches your vision.
If you have a WordPress website, we are happy to upload any content we write as long as you can give us clear instructions on how you want it to appear. This start-to-finish full-package service takes the stress out of creating new content for your company.