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Financial Services Copywriting


Adding Real Value to Your Business

You’ll find that many copywriting services shy away from financial copywriting. They think it requires too much research and too much time – they’d rather be writing about something far simpler instead.

At Lime Copywriting, we relish the challenge though and know that we’re able to provide high-quality financial content in many different niches.

We combine all content with targeted SEO, in order to make your pages stand out from the crowd even more. We’d be happy to chat with you about keyword research or any other SEO requirements you might have when we speak to you about your project.

If you own a website in the financial niche, why not contact us today and see why you should invest in content from Lime Copywriting?

Financial services copywriting comes in a variety of different forms, from money saving blog posts, through to complex financial web copy. At Lime Copywriting, we pride ourselves in our ability to create content in any financial niche, enhancing your site and impressing your readers.

But what areas can we write in? Well, we’re happy creating content on most topics, however, some of the topics we’ve regularly tackled include:

Don’t see your particular niche mentioned above? If not, don’t worry, as we know we can produce the financial content you need. Just get in touch today to learn more.

Let’s Talk Money…

Popular Types of Financial Copywriting

Financial Blog Posts

Every website needs a blog – no exceptions. A blog does everything from engaging with customers to enhancing marketing efforts, so it really should be one of your priorities.

We provide financial blogs of all types, from snappy personal finance articles to 5,000-word mega guides on the most complex of topics. You can give us a topic, or alternatively, we can come up with exciting and interesting topics for you.

Financial Product Descriptions

Do you sell financial products, either directly or via an affiliate program? If so, you’ll know you’re in a super competitive niche.

Getting to the top isn’t easy, but well-crafted and highly optimised product descriptions will definitely get you moving in the right direction. Whether you need a couple of descriptions or hundreds of them, we’re the people you should turn to.

SEO Content

SEO: it’s a word that scares many website owners – a dark world of marketing tricks and trade secrets. In reality, though, it all begins with correctly inserting the right keywords into the copy. That’s exactly what we do at Lime Copywriting, in order to boost your rankings.

We’ll happily work with your keywords, or we can research them for you. Either way, you’ll end up with financial content that gets you moving in the right direction on Google, Bing and other search engines.

Web Content for Financial Sites

Every business needs a website, and that website is the first thing visitors ever see from you. Therefore, it needs to make an impact. We provide the most vital and impactful part of any site – the content.

When this expertly created content is combined with top-quality web design, the result is a site that blows away the competition. Whether you’re looking for a homepage, a service page, or an entire site, we can create the king of copy your site needs.

Financial Copywriting FAQs

The answer is simple: research. We’ll trawl the web in order to learn about your industry and understand your products, if you’re selling them. We can then apply what we’ve learned and create the best piece of content possible, intermingling fact and creative flair in order to appeal to your website visitors.
We’re unable to provide an exact figure without speaking with you first. This is because every project is different. We will take the time to completely understand what you need and will then create a fair quote based on your requirements. Once a quote has been issued, it will not be changed mid-job, unless you decide that you require further content to be completed.
Yes, you could write the content yourself. In fact, you’re almost certainly more of an expert than us on your topic. It’s not enough to have knowledge though – you also need the ability to impart this knowledge in a user-friendly way. With our detailed research and creative ability, we’ll come up with the kind of content your readers really want to see.
This depends on your project. We’re happy to work on anything from a single blog post, through to multiple website pages. We understand that you might be hesitant to order a large amount of content straight away though, so we often start by simply writing one piece as a trial run. If you’re happy – which we’re pretty sure you will be – we can move on and start working on more content, regardless of how much you need.
We are happy to upload your content to any WordPress website, after receiving guidance from you regarding how exactly you want the content displayed. For an additional fee, we can also find images for your content, plus we can also create meta titles and descriptions, which are vital when trying to attract visitors and boost SEO.