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Health Copywriting


Caring for the Health and Wellbeing of Your Business

At Lime Copywriting, we’ve produced content in a number of different health and wellbeing niches. While some copywriting services shy away from health copywriting, due to the often-complex nature of the topics, we embrace the challenge and respond with thoroughly researched and well thought out content.

Whether you operate a healthcare blog or a fitness website, we can create content that speaks directly to your audience. This will lead to more readers, increased interaction and greater authority within your field.

If you run a website on any health, fitness and wellbeing topic, we have the ability to enhance your content. Why not contact us today to find out more?

Investing in professionally created content is vital for any health, fitness and wellbeing site. Certain types of health copywriting can be particularly complex and need to be explained in a simple yet accurate way.

This is something a health copywriter from Lime Copywriting can offer.

We understand that you might be concerned that we’re not medical professionals, however, we will research a subject heavily before writing. The result? Accurate health content that’s perfectly suited to the everyday reader.

It’s also important to remember that we have the ability to optimise your content for SEO purposes. This includes working specific keywords into your copy, as well as correctly linking to both external and internal pages.

If you get the SEO right, you’ll find more people than ever reading through what your site has to say.

Why Invest in Professional Health and Fitness Copywriting?

Popular Types of Health Copywriting

Health Blog Writing

If you own a health website, you absolutely have to have a blog. They allow you to communicate with your audience, provide valuable information and boost your SEO.

We write blog posts on a daily basis, and they can be anything from 500 words, up to thousands of words. We’ll work with you to decide how detailed your blog post needs to be.

SEO-Optimised Health Content

When we create any kind of health or medical content for your site, we’ll include elements of SEO within it. This means we’ll include your keywords, plus we’ll link to other relevant pages, both on and off your site.

We also offer a keyword research service for those without properly targeted keywords – ask us about it when you contact us to find out more.

Web Content for Health Sites

The basis of every great website is top quality content, and this is certainly true for any website in the health, wellbeing and fitness niches.

The content we create for your site will be consistent with the tone of voice you require, plus it will be engaging and informative. Retail sites can also be assured that your content will be geared towards increasing your purchases.

Health Product Descriptions

Do you sell any kind of product on your website? Regardless of whether you’re selling vitamins or exercise equipment, you need professional product descriptions to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

With high-quality writing combined with effective SEO, the product descriptions we write should contribute towards soaring sales.

Areas We Work In

Some areas we can create health and medical content for include:

If your specific health or medical niche doesn’t appear above, please don’t assume that we can’t cover it. Instead, get in touch with us – we’re sure we’ll be able to offer the solution you need.


The price we charge is based on a raft of different factors, including the subject matter, how much you order and whether you have any special requirements. We will always chat with you and ascertain exactly what you want from your copywriting, before then issuing a fair and accurate quote.
No, we are not medical professionals. Instead, we are professional copywriters, with an ability to research subjects thoroughly and then create high-quality content around them. We will use a variety of different online resources (that means we won’t just use Wikipedia) in order to understand a subject properly. Only once we have the knowledge needed will we start writing.
This really depends on the amount you need! We can write anything from one blog through to hundreds of product descriptions, maintaining the same high level of quality throughout. Please be aware that we do offer small discounts to those purchasing content in bulk. Ask us about this when you contact us.
We don’t profess to offer the quickest service. This is because we spend time understanding your site and the subject we’re writing about. That being said, we won’t keep you waiting around forever either. We’ll agree on a reasonable timescale with you when discussing your project and we’ll then deliver on or before the specified date.
While we aim to provide the perfect content every time, there will be occasions when you’d like something tweaked, added or removed. If this is the case, let us know and we’ll do it straightaway. We do not charge anything extra for edits, as we believe in offering a simple, transparent price for our services.