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Technology Copywriting


Technical Copywriting Services - More Than Just Smart Words

The technology industry is ever-evolving, constantly throwing up new niches, topics and crazes. To keep up with this constantly changing face, you need an adaptable technology copywriter – something you’ll find right here at Lime Copywriting.

We’ve produced content for a massive number of tech companies. Types of technology content we’ve created include informative blog posts, exciting product descriptions, and professional website copy. Whatever your technology content needs, we’ve got you covered.

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At Lime Copywriting, we prioritise research over almost everything else. We believe that to offer an effective tech website copywriting service, we first need to completely understand the product or niche.

We do this by researching thoroughly, using a variety of online sources, plus we’ll also utilise the knowledge of the best expert on the topic – you.

We also pride ourselves on producing the kind of content that gets results. Once we fully understand your niche, we’ll create content that sells, inspires, informs, or does anything else you want it to. Our technology copywriting really will help you meet all your goals.

Finally, we also specialise in intertwining SEO with top-class content. We’ll include any keywords you require in a natural, reader-friendly way, plus we’ll also create links throughout the page, to aid navigation.

The result? Content that both readers and search engines absolutely love.

Why Use Our Technology Copywriting Service?

Popular Technical Copywriting Services

Technology Articles and Blogs

One of the best ways to create a relationship with your readers is through regular blog posts and articles. We specialise in creating informative and entertaining posts that speak to your reader.

Blogs aren’t just for site visitors though – they’re also fantastic for SEO. If you want to give your site a boost in search engine rankings, creating a blog is a fantastic way forward.

Tech Website Content

With website content, you’ve got three seconds to impress. Fail to grab the reader in that time, and they’ll be heading elsewhere straightaway.

We create tech content that hooks the reader from the first word, keeping them on the page and encouraging them to perform the next step.

From a homepage through to service pages, we can provide the technology content your website needs.

Product Descriptions

Got a product you need selling? Or perhaps you have a whole store full of tech-related goods? If so, you need an effective copy to help products fly off the shelves, and that’s what you’ll find with our product writing service.

By advertising the benefits, and not just the features, we speak directly to your potential customers, pushing them closer and closer to making that all-important purchase.

Technology SEO Content

SEO should be at the heart of any TOP website, but it shouldn’t be noticed. We create subtle SEO content, meaning readers won’t notice the keywords, but search engines certainly will.

Keyword research forms a large part of any SEO strategy, and we can do this for you. Alternatively, we’ll happily include your existing keywords within any content you order.

Technology Copywriting FAQs

The content on your website is the first thing many people see of your business, and first impressions really do count. You need to hook the reader with content that speaks directly to them, giving them exactly what they want or need. Fail to do so, and they’ll be at your competitor’s site in no time. Getting high-quality content shouldn’t be seen as an expense, but instead as an investment. If you have content that really resonates with your readers, you’ll find that it pays for itself many times over.
We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all pricing structure, simply because it doesn’t work. Instead, we speak to you and learn about your project, getting all the details and coming up with the perfect plan. We then provide a quote accordingly. You can be sure that what we quote is what you’ll pay – we don’t add any hidden extras to the final bill.
Getting the correct keywords on the page is a massively important part of copywriting for websites. We’re perfectly happy to incorporate any keywords you have already researched into your content. Alternatively, we can do the keyword research for you, using our knowledge to ensure you go after attainable keywords with real value. Please ask about our keyword research add-on service when you contact us – we’ll be happy to walk you through our entire process.
Absolutely. One of the most important parts of SEO is an active website, and what better way to show the site is active than by adding new content on a regular basis? In order to do this, we’d recommend writing new blog posts often. We’d be happy to agree a blog posting schedule with you, to ensure your site is always offering something new and interesting.
The majority of our clients prefer their content to be delivered in a MS Word document. We are also happy to deliver in other ways too though, such as via Google Docs. We’re even happy to upload your content directly to your WordPress CMS. Essentially, we’ll do whatever makes things easiest for you.