Email Copywriting Services

Would you send out a poorly written brochure, or an incomprehensible flyer? Of course you wouldn’t. So, why do some businesses still insist on sending out unprofessional emails? Don’t let your email marketing let your website down – instead, let an email copywriter from Lime Copywriting help you.

It really doesn’t matter what type of business you own, as we can craft perfectly worded emails that do exactly what you need, from selling products through to informing readers. So, whether your emails are about travel, retail or anything else, you’ll send exactly the right message to your readers.

We’re also able to handle any quantity of email messages, from one a month, through to multiple emails per week. We can also provide different versions of the same basic message, so you can split test them and decide which is the most effective for your business. Our email copywriter service really does offer everything you could need!

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