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Recruitment Copywriting

for Stress-free Hiring

Stress-free Hiring with On-Point Recruitment Copywriting

73% of job seekers say that looking for a job is one of life’s most stressful events. No wonder bounce rates on career pages can be sky-high. For recruiters, this means connecting with tired, overwhelmed, and struggling people. Choosing the right tone with job postings that are clear, friendly, and approachable is crucial—which is where an experienced recruitment copywriter can help.

In the fast-paced world of recruitment, everyone is focused on improving time-to-hire and quality of hire—not to mention securing the top talent before their competitors snatch them. Plus, recruiting new employees can cost a lot of money, from adverts to interviews to screening.

Recruitment copywriting helps you to stand out, show people what makes you unique, and get them interested in joining your team. In other words, it’s about selling your company. What is your USP? What can you offer?

Communicate your values and ideals to prospective employees and you’ll get people who are a good fit for your team. Fail to make your company sound interesting or to describe the job accurately and you’ll end up with a long list of timewasters.

At Lime Copywriting, we understand how to capture your company culture in words. Get in touch today to see how our team of professional recruitment copywriters can help you find, attract, and retain the best talent out there.

Whether you’re a recruitment agency wanting to boost the quality of your job postings or a start-up looking to secure more employees for your rapidly growing team, Lime Copywriting’s recruitment copywriters will find the right words to get the attention of the right people.

Ditch generic job postings for imaginative, exciting, and enticing depictions of how this career could change someone’s life. Make it personal. Stay real-world and relatable. Why would someone want to work for you? What can you offer that competitors can’t?

Convey your company values and get people excited about the prospect of being part of your team with a website that tells a story and gets visitors hooked. Boost interaction on social media with clever and creative posts that drive traffic. Publish thoughtful blog articles that show your company is an industry player. Provide in-depth guides to jobs, offer CV and interview tips, and send personalised emails that turn leads into conversions.

Whether you’re trying to grow your applicant pool or are headhunting specific candidates, Lime Copywriting’s recruitment copywriters can make the hiring process pain-free, boosting your response and conversion rate and matching you with the best people for your team to blossom.

All in a Day’s Work: Recruitment Copywriters Make Hiring Easy

Types of Recruitment Copywriting

Job Adverts

Too many job adverts sound the same with vague descriptions of tasks and responsibilities, each indistinguishable from the next. To attract the best candidates—before your competitors do—you need to stand out.

While details like hours, salary, and promotion prospects are essential, it’s more about getting readers to use their imagination. You want to paint a picture of their future 9-5. Get them to envision themselves working for you and enjoying all the benefits. Create emotional resonance and increase the chance of them sitting down and writing an application.

Email Marketing

Email has one major advantage in recruitment. It’s personal. You can target specific people with specific messages. And everyone wants to feel like they are the only person for a job.

Emails should be easy to read and preferably skimmable. We can work with you to create a strategic email campaign that achieves your individual goals, whether that’s increasing traffic to your site or converting leads into applicants.

Website Copy

Recruitment agencies and employment websites have a near impossible task. They need to make searching for a job enjoyable and inspiring. Your website is the first weapon in your arsenal. Well-structured and creative landing pages with compelling copy can maintain interest and incite action. Expert copywriting can help you capture a tone of voice that gets people excited about working.

Blog Articles

Boost traffic to your site with helpful, relevant, and motivational articles, whether it’s industry profiles and sneak-peaks into life at your company or tips for interviews and career guides. This kind of content provides clear value to readers, helping with search engine rankings and creating a recognisable brand identity that builds a connection with visitors.

FAQs About Recruitment Copywriting

All our content projects begin with an initial consultation where we learn exactly what you’re looking for and how we can help. We then establish a clear brief with a deadline and quote. Then our team of copywriters will get to work researching your target audience and particular niche before crafting content based on your needs and goals.
Copywriting is a crucial investment for any business but particularly when it comes to recruitment. Recruiting new employees can be expensive, and the longer it takes, the higher the costs. Reducing the number of inappropriate applications and attracting high-quality talent saves you time and money.
We understand that in recruitment, deadlines are often tight. We will do everything we can to work to a tight turnaround. However, we will never rush content to get it out faster. We need to take the time to research the topic and make sure we correctly understand your subject and audience. But we will agree on a date with you in advance and always deliver either on or before that day.
It’s generally considered good practice to publish new content on your blog between two and four times a week to increase visitors to your website. You can start by ordering a small amount of content with us. Then, once you’re happy, we can begin working on additional copy.
Keyword-optimised content is essential to all online businesses these days but especially the recruitment industry. After all, most people find and apply for jobs online. How do they do this? By using keywords. By featuring these particular words on your website, you ensure that the right people see your job postings at the right time. We can help you identify these words and target the best ones.