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Retail Copywriting


Retail Copywriting to Drive Traffic & Bring in Customers

Our retail copywriting service has helped a variety of different businesses, from small stores to giant international corporations. Regardless of who we’re working for, we’ll always use the same formula though: perfectly tailored copy, enhanced by considered use of SEO.

We know that creating great content takes a deep commitment, so we undertake a huge amount of research before even typing a letter. We want to understand your business and what you sell, so we can best represent you when creating your bespoke content.

Regardless of your business type, we’ve got the skills needed to boost your sales. Why not contact us today and see how we can help you?

In today’s retail environment, it’s not good enough to simply have a great product. You also have to have a strategy in place to market that product, ensuring it cuts through the noise and really shows potential buyers what they’re getting.

To boost your sales, we’ll concentrate on describing benefits. Average retail content will just focus on a product’s features, but great retail content will connect with a customer and guide them through the reasons your product will improve their life.

We also help you connect with your customers by getting more people through your virtual doors. Our content is always tailored to include SEO principles, using keywords subtly and effectively to boost your positions in search engine rankings.

Connecting with Your Customers

Popular Types of Retail Copywriting

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions form the backbone of any effective e-commerce website. They’re not just there to blandly tell readers about a product though. Instead, they should be used to sell the benefits and draw the reader ever closer to making their purchase.

We’ll provide you with high quality and effective product descriptions, plus we’ll also add in some SEO as well, to boost your positions in search engine rankings.

Website Content

The content on your site needs to tell your brand’s story and connect with customers. At Lime Copywriting, we’ll bring your content to life and ensure readers are hooked from the moment they arrive.

We’ll also keep a consistent and appropriate tone throughout your website, from the homepage through to the contact page, and everything else in between.

Articles and Blog Posts

One of the most common pieces of advice we give to clients is this: add a blog. Nowadays, a blog is vital for two reasons. Firstly, it’s the perfect way to connect with customers, and secondly, it’s one of the best ways to increase a site’s visibility in search engine results.

Just a few well-crafted blogs can make a massive difference to a website, and these are exactly what we can provide. We’re also happy to enter into long-term agreements, to make sure you get regular blog content added to your site.

SEO Optimised Content

We believe that anything you add to your website, from blog posts through to product descriptions, should be optimised for SEO. We will happily add your keywords to any piece of content we create, or alternatively, you can hire us to find the right keywords for you.

If you can find and then properly use the correct keywords, you’ll give your SEO efforts a huge push in the right direction.

Retail Copywriting FAQs

You can, however it’s not recommended. We would instead recommend unique product descriptions for each of your products, as this is best for SEO, plus it also gives you the chance to promote the specific selling points of the product in question. Don’t copy descriptions from other websites either – at best, you’ll get no benefit, and at worst, it could seriously affect your search engine rankings.
This completely depends on the type of content you require, as well as the subject. We don’t believe that one price covers everything. Instead, we make sure things are fair for all involved, by providing bespoke quotes for every project. On a side note, we’d urge you not to think of your copywriting as a cost. Instead, think of it as an investment, as it will increase sales and boost SEO, so you’ll make your money back, plus more.
We can offer anything from one-off pieces of content, through to daily blog posts – it really depends on your requirements. We’ll chat with you prior to your project starting and agree on exactly how much content your site is going to require.
We provide content for pretty much every niche, from fashion through to electronics, and from outdoor goods through to beauty products. Regardless of the niche we’re working in, we’ll make sure we understand your products properly, by researching online and speaking directly to you, the number one expert on the topic.
Yes, it is very important to regularly publish new content on your website, however it has to be relevant. By providing relevant content on a regular basis, you’re showing search engines that you have an active site, and an active site is far more likely to feature highly in search engine results. It’s also important to provide new content regularly so you can create a bond with your readers. Once you create this relationship, visitors will feel more comfortable buying from you, which should be something that boosts your site’s productivity.