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SaaS Content Marketing

Selling SaaS Solutions with Perfect Content

Content Marketing for SaaS Companies

These days, you’ll be hard pushed to find a company that doesn’t use at least one SaaS solution. The industry is booming. But with this growth comes competition. Are you doing what it takes to stay ahead and stand out?

Too many SaaS companies neglect to invest in copywriting. Focusing instead on their brilliantly innovative new product, hoping that the technology will do the talking for them, they fail to translate their vision into words that the average customer can understand.

We’re here to help. At Lime Copywriting, we make the complex world of SaaS accessible, building a bridge between you and potential customers. Contact us today to learn more.

Selling SaaS solutions isn’t like selling anything else. For one thing, these tools are often far from simple. So how do you explain exactly what your product does without getting weighed down in tech-heavy lingo?

A skilled SaaS copywriter can translate your product features into clear benefits, focusing on what your solution can do for the customer. What problems can it fix? How can it bring value to their company? We use emotive language that inspires action—whether that’s booking a demo, signing up to a mailing list, or giving you a call.

What else makes SaaS unique? You need to get people to sign up for a subscription-based contract rather than make a one-off purchase. This is a big commitment. SaaS copywriting needs to anticipate such objections and explain why it’s worth investing.

Finally, you’re not just convincing a single buyer. With B2B SaaS, you’re often convincing a whole team of people—and their boss too. There are budgets to consider and deadlines to take into account. Hence the need for a SaaS copywriter who can create high-converting content with empathy—speaking the customer’s language and getting them emotionally invested.

At Lime Copywriting, we create content that boosts customer retention and click-through rates, drives traffic, and generates signups. Whether it’s a case study, e-book, blog article, or landing page, we’ll show people that your SaaS product is not only a great solution but the only solution.

Swap Clunky Jargon for Clarity with SaaS Copywriters

Types of SaaS Copywriting

Landing and Product Pages

The first step in SaaS copywriting is working out exactly what your message is. Using audience research, we’ll suss out your customers’ pain points and identify what makes your company uniquely positioned to provide the solution. Then we’ll ensure this is clear across all website content.

We’ll help you to create a clear and recognisable brand voice, carefully considered calls to action, as well as use social proof when necessary to clinch the deal.


Email newsletter campaigns can be used to share your announcements, build brand awareness and influence, and keep existing customers interested. For new leads, newsletters can nudge them in the right direction and nurture them until they’re ready to convert.

A professional SaaS copywriter knows how to use a newsletter to clarify your brand message and vision, connect with customers, and drive clicks, from a killer subject line to an all-powerful call-to-action.

Blog Content

We produce expertly researched, educational, and entertaining blog posts that establish you as an authority in your field.

These articles might explain your solution in more detail or share actionable tips to help customers make the most of your tools. We simplify dense and jargon-heavy content and use our SEO experience and expertise to help you rank in search engine results.

Social Media

Social sites are a great outlet for telling a story. Spark your users’ interest with an imaginative journey, starting with their problem before demonstrating how your product offers the perfect solution.

We produce creative and on-brand social media copy packed full of powerful words that showcases what makes you special. 

Case Studies

Case studies are an indispensable marketing tool for SaaS. They show the real-world benefits of your solution and prove that it actually works.

We’ll help you to produce case studies that build faith and trust in prospective customers by creating a narrative from previous sales, showing how you are able to meet their needs and fix their problems.

SaaS Copywriting FAQs

We work with a range of SaaS companies, both B2B and B2C. Whether you’re a start-up entrepreneur with a team of just three or a marketing director from a leading SaaS firm, our team of copywriters has the talent and know-how to create content that delivers results.
We work with a range of SaaS companies, both B2B and B2C. Whether you’re a start-up entrepreneur with a team of just three or a marketing director from a leading SaaS firm, our team of copywriters has the talent and know-how to create content that delivers results.
We begin all SaaS projects with a consultation followed by research to learn the ropes and identify key information. We’ll then establish a strategy before starting the writing process. This is followed by implementation, evaluation, and modifications.
All our pricing is determined on an individual basis. Following a consultation, we will have a clear idea of your needs and what is required. We can then offer you a quote which can be modified at a later date if you decide you need further work.