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Sports Copywriting


Hit Your Goals With Our Industry-Leading Sports Copywriting Service

At Lime Copywriting, we’re mad about sports. From football through to basketball, and tennis through to golf, we’ve got pretty much every niche covered.

It’s this passion for the subject that shines through in every piece of sports content we create.

Whether you own a sporting goods store, a sports blog, a sports betting site or anything else in the field, we know that our highly polished sports copywriting will add massively to your site.

When our SEO experience is thrown into the mix, you’ll find that we’ve got all the bases covered.

Want to find out more about how our sports copywriting service can help you? Just drop us a message via live chat today and speak with one of our sports copywriters.

Quite literally, we’ve got every sport covered. Whether you want 2,000 words on the upcoming Super Bowl or a beginner’s guide to the world of bog snorkelling, we’ve got the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm you’re looking for.

While we’ll cover every sport under the sun, there are a few sports we cover more than others though, and these include:

Don’t worry if your sport isn’t mentioned above, as we’ll still be able to help. After speaking to us once, you’ll realise that we’re enthusiastic about every sport around!

Sport, Sport and More Sport

Popular Types of Sport Content

Sports Blog Posts

Any sports site, whether it’s a sporting goods store or sports betting site or anything else, has to have a blog.

We’re experts at providing high-quality sports blog posts on a variety of different subjects, all of which are designed to engage readers and promote interaction between visitors and your website.

Whether you’re looking for a short introduction to the offside rule, or a 5,000-word rundown on how the current NFL season is shaping up, we’ve got you covered.

Sporting Product Descriptions

Our product descriptions writing service is perfect for those running a sporting goods store, regardless of the exact products being sold.

Our benefit-driven product descriptions are designed to appeal to potential customers and contribute towards your SEO, providing a potent double-pronged attack to your site content.

Whether you need a couple of descriptions or thousands of them, we’re there for you, ready to provide the type of content that pushes your brand to the top of the table.

Sports Website Content

From homepage content through to vital evergreen content, every website – including every sports website – has to have the best web content possible.

Our sports web content is designed with your site in mind, as we aim to preserve your specific tone of voice and particular style. SEO keywords will, of course, be subtly thrown into the mix as well.

Website content really can cover a plethora of different things. Essentially, if you need sports copy on your site, we’re the people you should call.

SEO-Optimised Sports Content

Every piece of sports content we create will be optimised for SEO purposes. This means that we’ll include any keywords you require within the copy, plus we’ll also use internal and external links where necessary.

If you have not yet completed keyword research for your site, this is something we’d also be able to help you with.

In today’s crowded online world, effective SEO copywriting is vital if you want to get ahead of the chasing pack. Contact us today if you want to find out more.


The copy on your website is its most important feature. With top copy, you’ll appeal to visitors, encourage their interaction and, most importantly, drive them to complete the action you’re hoping for, whether that’s buying a product, giving their email or signing up for a newsletter. Whatever sporting niche your site covers, your content absolutely must be its defining aspect, and you can get what you need when you work with us here at Lime Copywriting.
We’re flexible in our delivery method. Most of our clients prefer us to send them over an MS Word document, however, we can also send via Google Docs instead. We’re also happy to upload your content to your WordPress website.
Nobody wants exactly the same thing. Instead, everyone will require a different amount of content, based on a different subject. Therefore, it’s impossible to provide a single price for sports copywriting. We’ll chat with you in depth to work out exactly what you need and will then provide a quote based on this. We find that this is the fairest and most transparent way to do business.
We’re flexible with the amount of content we can deliver. This means that you can order anything from one product description up to hundreds of SEO optimised web pages. It’s generally the case that we’ll agree on a set number of pages being delivered every week, and we do everything to stick to this schedule. We are able to deal with last-minute requests too though, just in case you suddenly realise you need to announce something straightaway.
Quite simply, it’s one of the best investments you can make in your website. Having top quality content will enhance the user experience massively and contribute towards you hitting your goals, whatever they happen to be. What’s more, having properly optimised SEO content will help to drive your site up the rankings, which should see you recouping the cost of copywriting in no time.