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Sustainability Copywriting

Convey Your Commitment to the Environment

Sustainability Copywriter - A Smart Investment

Green has become mainstream. Whether it’s the rise of veganism, sales of electric cars, or the new popularity of ‘slow’ travel, people are willing to pay more for sustainable products. To keep up with demand, businesses need to show they’re also putting the planet first.

For eco-friendly brands looking to communicate their commitment to environmental justice, a sustainability copywriter is a smart investment. Conscious consumers want more than a solution to their problems. They want a company that’s dedicated to the greater good too. Environmental copywriting is about conveying this mission and message.

Whether you’re a fashion brand creating footwear from recycled materials or a start-up producing all-natural skincare, Lime Copywriting’s sustainable copywriters can help you to reach your target demographic and build trust and connection.

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Steer clear of greenwashing with vague words and empty promises. Opt for sustainable copywriting from experienced content creators, drilling down into the specifics about what makes your company eco-friendly. Build an image of your brand as authentic and honest—walking the walk as well as talking the talk.

We’ll choose thoughtful and persuasive calls to action that turn intention into actual change. We can identify a tone of voice that avoids doom and gloom preaching but still feels down-to-earth and informed. And we’ll help you to get personal if it helps you connect and propels customers to act.

For companies fighting the good fight and who don’t have time to figure out the precise wording of an email subject line or the best keywords for their blog post, choose Lime Copywriting. Our team of sustainability copywriters can help you craft everything from press releases and white papers to blog articles and Facebook posts, helping you to help others help the planet.

Turn Your Copywriting into a Rallying Cry

Types of Sustainability Copywriting

Website Content

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, when people arrive on your website they need to know three things. One, who are you? Two, what do you do? Three, why should they care?

We will work with you to articulate your brand identity, convey your mission, and persuade visitors to your site that they have found the best solution to their problem. Our top sustainability copywriters will ensure that everything is on-brand: conscious, responsible, and green.

SEO Copywriting

When it comes to a competitive niche like sustainability, a solid SEO strategy is crucial. Search results for all things sustainable are growing year on year—and so are the number of brands capitalizing on this. Without a clear focus on SEO copywriting, your message will fall on deaf ears. 

SEO copywriting uses a range of practices to help search engines recognise the value of your website. This includes keywords as well as tone, style, and readability.

Blog Posts

An exceptional blog post can build brand awareness, create a community of readers regularly returning to peruse your content, and spread your message. Use blog articles to answer your readers’ most common questions, establish your authority in the field, and refine your brand voice.

Email Newsletters

Ask any experienced marketer. Email is one of the most effective and affordable ways to drive traffic and boost conversions. So make sure you’re regularly appearing in your customers’ inboxes with relevant, insightful, and inspiring content.

A lot of environmental copywriting relies on depressing headlines that no one would want to read. Our team of expert environmental copywriters knows how to strike the right balance between overly optimistic and fear-mongering by inspiring curiosity and promising answers to important questions. 

Sustainability Copywriting FAQs

Sustainability copywriting refers to any copy or content for companies and brands with a focus on sustainability. These eco-friendly businesses are on a mission to make the planet a better place and might include slow fashion brands, green technology companies, or environmental NGOs.
SEO is important because it helps increase the visibility of your website. Generating organic traffic from search engines is important in getting leads. Good SEO also ensures that these are proper leads from people who are likely to be interested in your products.
Choosing which keywords to target all depends on your audience. Conducting customer research is imperative to understand what your target buyer wants. What questions are they asking? What problems do they want to be resolved? What are their pain points? The answers to these questions will inform the keywords you include in your content.
Regularly updating your website content helps boost your site in search engine rankings. The question is, how regularly? As long as you’re posting new content on your blog, you’ll only need to totally re-write your website every few years. But a content review should also be conducted every few months to ensure everything is performing at its best and remains relevant.