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How many emails do you receive a day? We’d guess it’s quite a lot, ranging from credit card bills through to spammy get rich quick schemes.

Nowadays, pretty much everyone is flooded with emails on a daily basis. This means your email needs to stand out, differentiating itself from the crowd and attracting the reader’s complete attention.

At Lime Copywriting, we’re expert email copywriters, producing emails that get results. Whether your target is sales, sign-ups or anything else, our emails will push you firmly towards your goal.

Why not contact us today and see exactly how we can create a stunningly effective email campaign for you?

Effective emails aren’t written using one simple formula, however, every top email will share a few key aspects.

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, the subject title must be epic, designed to encourage the recipient to do just one thing: open the email.

Fail to catch their interest immediately, and your email will be swiftly sent to the junk or trash folder.

Once they’ve opened the email, you’ve got their attention. There are then many tactics that could be used, from the simple AIDA approach to something called the inverted pyramid.

You don’t need to worry about these techniques though – that’s our job! Suffice to say, we’ll pick the approach we believe will work best for your email campaign.

A top-class email will also always include a call to action, telling readers what they need to do next. A strong CTA can be the difference between an effective email and one that falls flat on its face.

There’s no need to be clever here either – we believe that the direct approach is nearly always the best one.

We should also say this: the best emails are shortsharp and to the point. There’s no need for a 500-word soliloquy. Instead, readers need to be hooked straight away and be ready to act seconds after opening their message.

In the world of email copywriting, big really isn’t always best.

The Anatomy of an Effective Email

Why Invest in Email Marketing?

Email marketing is, without a doubt, one of the most effective marketing options at your disposal. When created professionally and targeted properly, they can produce stunning results, including hot leadsboosted sales and increased site visits.

Massive ROI

The use of emails is one of the most cost-efficient ways to reach large numbers of potential customers. In fact, one survey showed that emails have an amazingly high ROI, with £38 being earned for every £1 spent. No other marketing approach comes anywhere close.

Easily Measurable

Email marketing is a paradise for stats lovers. Any email marketing software will provide you with a plethora of facts and figures, allowing you to tweak your campaign to perfection. We’ll work with you to polish your email campaign perfectly.


The best email copywriters can make messages personal, even if they’re being sent to a huge email list. When this is combined with clever targeting of different audience types, the response can be amazing.

Forget spammy emails and take a more personal email marketing approach instead.

Email Copywriting FAQs

This really depends on your individual requirements. What will the subject matter be? Will the email require much research? How many emails will you need in total? To get an honest and accurate quote for our email copywriting service, just get in touch with us today.
This depends on how much you have to say. There’s a fine line that needs to be found between sending too many emails and not sending enough. We’ll work with you to decide on the frequency that will work best for you. Even after agreeing on a schedule, you can always ask for extra emails if needed, just in case something truly momentous happens and you need to let everyone know straight away!
Emails work best when they’re sent to a large number of people. There’s no need to send each and every person an individual message though. Instead, there are email distribution tools available for affordable prices, including AWeber and Mailchimp. These will allow you to blast emails out to a large audience without too much hassle at all.
We don’t like to rush, as we believe that it takes time to create great emails and other pieces of content. Therefore, it would be great if you gave us a reasonable amount of time to write what you need! We understand that some emails are needed ASAP though, as they’re time-sensitive and simply won’t work if sent tomorrow. This is why we try to accommodate short turnaround times as much as possible. We won’t charge you anything extra for last-minute requests.
Ideally, you should be emailing a targeted audience, as opposed to firing off emails randomly at people with no interest in what you’re selling. The best way to get a targeted list of emails is to collect them from customers. Asking for an email when a purchase is made is a fantastic way to obtain emails you know could convert. Also, consider collecting emails for a newsletter, or offering something free to those who just hand over their email address to you. Building a targeted email list can take time, but it should really pay off in the end.
All the best email distribution tools will come complete with loads of stats. These include how many emails were opened, how many readers responded to the CTA, and how many emails went straight into the junk folder. Of course, the number one way to see how effective emails are though is to simply look at whether your sales, sign-ups and site visits go up after an email is sent.