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SEO Copywriting Services


Get the Exposure You Need for Success

SEO is a vital aspect of any website. Those using it to its full effect will see huge boosts to their rankings, while those neglecting it will never get the exposure they need for success.

When you work with Lime Copywriting, you’ll find that we create content that hits all the right SEO notes, immediately giving your site the best chance possible of ranking highly on Google, Bing and all other search engines.

Are you thinking that SEO copywriting is exactly what your site needs? If so, we’d be happy to walk you through our SEO copywriting service.

Just drop us an email or give us a call, or alternatively use the live chat feature to speak with us straightaway.

  • Content for search engines and your readers
  • Keywords included as standard
  • Internal/external links created to enhance SEO
  • Almost every niche covered
  • Original content created especially for your site

Perhaps the biggest question most will have is this: what is SEO copywriting exactly? Well, to answer this, you need to understand how search engine users work.

You see, us humans are pretty lazy. In fact, we’re so lazy that most of us never get past the first results page on a search engine for a specific search term. Therefore, to give your site a chance of getting visitors, you must be on this first page.

SEO copywriting will help you achieve this goal. By including important words and phrases within a piece of content, we can boost your chances of appearing near the top of the results for a specific keyword.

This can be done by optimising metadata, titles, subheaders and the main body of the text.

So, imagine you’re looking to rank highly for the keyword “best pet insurance.” To give you a chance, we’ll create content containing that exact phrase, plus we’ll also throw loads of other related terms and phrases into the mix as well. That way, the search engines will know exactly what your page is all about.

We’re not going to pretend that perfectly crafted SEO content is going to get you to the top of search engine rankings by itself. Instead, it will provide you with the perfect platform to launch other SEO marketing strategies.

When top SEO content and savvy marketing come together, they form a powerful partnership, which usually can’t be held back from blasting its way to the top of the rankings.

What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO Techniques We Use

Inclusion of Keywords

All pages must have keywords, otherwise, they’re almost certainly destined to fail. If you’ve already done your keyword research and have a list of keywords to hand, we’ll happily mingle them in with the content, ensuring that the reader won’t even notice them. Google will though and will then know exactly what keyword(s) a page is targeting.

Use of LSI Keywords

LSI keywords are also important, and we’ll include them as standard within every piece of SEO content you request. LSI keywords are essentially words and phrases that commonly go together. Using them helps search engines to understand your page’s topic even more. For example, if your keyword is “coffee”, you might include words like “espresso”, “beans” and “filter” – all words that are related to the initial keyword.

Internal and External Links

It’s also massively important to use correct linking. We’ll include links to other pages on your site in every piece of content we write, to enhance the user experience and to allow pages to be navigated more easily by Google. We’ll also link out to other sites if needed. You might think that outbound links will lose you readers, however, it’s a tactic that’s been proven to enhance SEO efforts.

High-Quality Content

Finally, you can have all the SEO you need, but you won’t get to the top without high-quality content. You need people to stay on your site and interact, in order to show search engines that your content really does give users exactly what they’re looking for.

Meta Titles and Descriptions

We can also create meta titles and descriptions for you if required. The meta title and description are what come up on Google when you search a term. They need to include correct keywording to enhance SEO, plus they also need to stand out, to ensure people actually click on them.

Balancing Reader Experience with SEO Requirements

Have you ever been on a webpage that just doesn’t read well? Perhaps it has strange sequences of words, or maybe it just uses the same words over and over and over again?

If so, you’ve probably landed on a page that has been very badly optimised for SEO. The result? You clicked away quickly and went looking for a page that told you what you needed to know.

At Lime Copywriting, we don’t prioritise SEO over content quality. In fact, we believe that the number one goal of any copywriter is to create content that readers will love.

We then seamlessly intersperse keywords and LSIs throughout your text, ensuring they never interrupt the user experience. This approach makes sure your content is loved by both readers and search engines alike.

One of the most vital jobs when creating a new page is keyword research. You absolutely must spend some time searching for the most effective keywords out there. Do this and your page will be off to the best start possible.

While we’re primarily a copywriting agency, we do also offer a keyword research service. We’ll take the work away from you and create a laser-focused list of keywords that you should be aiming to rank for.

If you’d like to know more about our keyword research service, just contact us today. We can then walk you through the process and provide you with an accurate quote.

Keyword Research

SEO Copywriting FAQs

This is really dependent on the niche and how competitive the keyword in question is. It is now the case that longer pages tend to rank better than shorter ones though, so we’ll always aim to create a comprehensive piece of copy that maintains relevance throughout.
The cost of a project depends on a few things. We’ll look at the amount of research needed, the length of the content and more, which will then allow us to create an accurate and fair quote for your work. Once we have submitted a quote, you’ll never find the price rising, unless you then choose to add further elements to the task.
This is simple to answer: they all should. Whether you’re writing a homepage, a blog post or anything else, SEO should always be taken into account. This is why we include keywords, links and more in every piece of website content we produce. Even if you don’t require specific keywords to be used, we’ll still use our experience to create content that meets user intent. By keeping readers on your site, we’ll be enhancing your SEO without you even asking for it.

Yes, you certainly can. If you feel confident to do so, you can complete keyword research yourself and then send your keywords over to us. We’ll then incorporate them within your content free of charge. Those who are not confident in keyword research can instead task us with it. We will use the best tools to create a comprehensive list of keywords for a page to target. You can find out more about our keyword research service by contacting us today.

No, it does not. SEO optimised content gives you the perfect platform to work from though. Once you have your top-quality content, you’ll then need to use various other SEO and marketing techniques to get the content noticed. While we’re not experts at other forms of SEO, we’d be happy to point you in the direction of those who are.
SEO really is one of the most important investments you’ll make in your online presence. Results won’t be instant, but spending time on SEO will pay dividends after a while, as you see your website ranking higher for key search terms. It is important to remember that SEO is an investment and not an expense. This is because you should receive your money back, plus much more when you start organically attracting more visitors to your website.
Before starting your SEO copywriting project, we’ll always give you a finish date. Please remember that creating high-quality content takes time though, so we won’t have an entire website written in a few days. Instead, we’ll spend the time needed to research and write the best pages around, while also being mindful of the finish date we initially set with you.