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7 Tips for Unparalleled Cryptocurrency Copywriting

7 Tips for Unparalleled Cryptocurrency Copywriting

Working in cryptocurrency is exciting. Things move fast, change is always just around the corner, and right now, it’s the word on everyone’s lips.

But with so much noise around cryptocurrency, it’s more important than ever to be able to effectively communicate and market your brand. This is where cryptocurrency copywriting comes in.

Cryptocurrency copywriting is all about building connections and trust. This is crucial in an industry plagued by scams and where everyone’s worried that everyone else is a fraudster. The get-rich-quick mentality rife within the industry means that many readers are sceptical of flashy marketing and sales copy.

The best cryptocurrency copywriting, therefore, allows you to allay fears and concerns by clearly communicating your message to readers, building a relationship, growing trust, and proving your authority and value. Cryptocurrency copywriting that is clear, credible, insightful, and focused on the reader stands out in this very loud industry.

7 Tips for Stand-Out Crypto Copy and Content

1.    Pick the Right Subject

No matter how well-written your content is, nobody’s going to care unless it’s a topic they’re interested in. So, you want to choose questions that people are regularly asking in the world of crypto.

And not just any people. Your target reader. Are you a cryptocurrency exchange catering to experienced traders? A venture capital firm looking to fund tech start-ups? A lending protocol allowing people to lend crypto loans?

Identify your buyer persona or ideal audience and write copy that interests them, answering the questions they’re asking and providing solutions to the problems they’re experiencing.

Focusing on the specific issues faced by your particular user means you can avoid rehashing subjects that have been written about endlessly and instead go into depth on more complicated and niche subjects. For example, detailed reviews of mining hardware or a comprehensive analysis of a particular financial trend.

2.    Prioritise Clarity

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Web 3.0 are all new technologies that have emerged in the last decade or so. They’re evolving fast and new lingo and concepts are appearing just as quickly. Financial copywriting on these subjects can therefore be hard for readers to get their heads around. They’re confronted with countless terms they don’t fully understand and ideas they only vaguely grasp. They’re left feeling confused, sceptical, and nowhere near ready to convert.

So, as with all technology copywriting, it’s crucial to keep your writing as clear as possible. Here are some tips for greater clarity in your content:

  • Create a plan with a logical structure that progresses from point to point in a way that makes sense.
  • Use short sentences. These are punchy and high-impact.
  • Simplify concepts wherever you can.
  • Make use of bullet lists.
  • Display complex information as a diagram or infographic when possible.

3.    SEO, SEO, SEO

We can’t say it enough. To ensure your hard-written copy and content actually get read, make sure you use commonly searched keywords.

Regular content featuring short and long-tail keywords throughout will make sure you are reaching your target readers with useful and relevant content and search engines will reward you for this.

SEO offers a seriously good return on investment with time as you’re essentially getting free clicks. But while cryptocurrency is a high-traffic market, it’s also very crowded with lots of websites competing for the same readers. You want to make sure your content is readable (try Yoast’s readability analysis) and indexable—the page’s ability to be crawled by Google’s bots and analysed for meaning.

And be cautious of keyword stuffing, as you’ll be penalised in the search results. Keywords should appear in a way that sounds natural rather than robotic.

4.    Use Your Imagination

The problem with a lot of crypto content is that it focuses on knowledge to the detriment of the story. People reading your content probably have at least a basic understanding of cryptocurrency and are looking to expand it but, at the same time, they want to be engaged and entertained.

Many cryptocurrency copywriters struggle to balance their technical know-how with their creative skills. Drowning readers in a deluge of complex and industry-specific terminology is a great way to boost your bounce rate and a poor way to ensure conversions.

Here are some ideas for injecting creativity into your cryptocurrency copywriting:

  • Use power words that elicit certain emotions, such as lust power words like covet or crave or curiosity power words like behind-the-scenes, blacklisted, or astonishing.
  • Employ interesting metaphors and similes.
  • Play with the hero storyline. This is the idea of a protagonist who goes on an adventure, learns something, and ultimately triumphs. Everyone can relate to this kind of story arc.
  • Include personal stories or anecdotes.
  • Open with a quote or a rhetorical question.

5.    Timely vs. Evergreen: Strike the Right Balance

The cryptocurrency industry is at the whim of trends and some of your content should capitalize on this with blog articles, for example, that delve into topics that are of particular interest at that moment, such as news about fintech legislation or upcoming software updates.

Writing content that reacts to these trends or debates within the industry can help with a sudden and short-term boost in traffic that may help you extend your reach.

But as well as these timely pieces, you also want to publish evergreen content that will continue to be relevant and insightful to your readers for multiple months, if not years. Evergreen content is typically very high quality and reliable and should address those problems that your users continue to regularly experience.

Most marketing experts recommend a ratio of 80% evergreen content to 20% timely content, but a ratio of 60/40 could also be effective, especially in a fast-changing industry like cryptocurrency.

And be aware that even your evergreen content has an expiration date. You’ll need to run regular content audits to check it’s all accurate and up-to-date and that all the links continue to work.

6.    Go Long

Short-form content that merely skims the surface of a subject dominates in the cryptocurrency industry where reliable and in-depth knowledge is lacking. To stand out from the crowd, you want to publish solid, detailed, and dependable long-form content, such as blog articles of over 2,000 words, white papers, case studies, and even e-books.

Here are the statistics as proof:

  • In a study of 912 million blog posts in 2019, Backlinko along with BuzzSumo found that posts longer than 3,000 words got 77.2% more backlinks.
  • Articles between 2,250 and 2,500 words get the most organic traffic, according to HubSpot.
  • According to Buffer, 2,500-word blog posts get shared 3 x more than 1,000-word posts on social media.

Long-form content will not only help with SEO but also establish you as an industry-thought leader—an authoritative go-to source for all things crypto-related. If you’re trying to raise your profile within the crypto niche, quality blockchain articles are a great way for you to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge. You might even get the opportunity to submit guest articles for other platforms—a great way to further expand your reach.

7.    Articulate Your Brand Identity

A lot of fintech and cryptocurrency copywriting suffers from being a bit dull and dreary. But this is an exciting world with the potential to dramatically change the way we live our everyday lives, from making e-commerce easier to increasing the power of crowdfunding.

So, see cryptocurrency copywriting as an opportunity to communicate what makes you special with a unique brand voice that conveys your personality and the ethos your company represents.

Who would your company be if they were a person? What are their likes, dislikes, and dreams? How would you describe them? What would their dating profile look like?

It’s likely that your brand persona correlates strongly with your ideal buyer persona. This means that copy and content that suits your brand will also be appealing and compelling for your reader.

For example, the business financial platform Tide, distinguishes itself from conventional banks with its slightly sassy and youthful tone of voice.

Check out the excerpt here: “No, Tide isn’t a bank.” It’s cheeky and audacious. This is followed by the brand’s USP with an exclamation mark. The mood is bold and high-energy.

Or check out this copy on the Habito website. Habito is an online mortgage broker. The tone of voice here captures the brand’s identity. It’s relaxed and easy-going, echoing the kind of thoughts its users are probably having and building a rapport.

Cracking Crypto Copy: A Conclusion

Creating quality cryptocurrency copywriting and content is not easy. While following these 7 guidelines will help you enhance and elevate the standard of your existing content, we recommend reaching out to professional cryptocurrency copywriters if you want to build brand awareness and steadily grow your reach over time.

It takes years of experience to learn how to convey highly technical ideas in digestible and engaging language. Our talented cryptocurrency copywriters have this experience. They know how to communicate your key message, get eyes on your page, and write to convert.

Get in touch today to see how we can help.

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